Sunday, January 2, 2011

How To Dry Nail Polish

Hi everyone, Happy New Years again!

This is my first post for 2011 and I just wanted to share some tips with you on how to make your nail polish dry quickly.

These days there are so many brands of nail polishes to choose from and the quality of nail polishes are improving even cheaper brands like LA Girl are making their nail polishes to be more smooth, quick drying, glossy and all that good stuff.

So after you have gone out and buy that high quality nail polish from the latest do you get it to dry fast so you can avoid smudging?

Well you can adopt anyone of these methods:

  • You can use the old method of using a small fan such as the clip on ones available at variety stores.
  • A hair dryer could also be used to dry nail polish by keeping it on low power and operating it in a way to avoid smudging.
  • Before applying your nail polish, gather some cold water in a bowl and after applying the nail polish slowly immerse your nails into the cold water for about 2-3mins.
  • About 30 mins before applying your nail polish, place the nail polish bottle in the refrigerate and use immediately.
  • Quick drying Nail Polish Sprays can also be used and are available at various cosmetics store (Pennywise)
  • Another method is using a top coat of palm oil or olive oil after applying your last coat of nail polish. To do this, clean an old nail polish bottle with acetone, wash then dry before filling the bottle with the oil.
  • Nail dryer devices are also available online at at beauty stores and nail supply stores. Higher end nail dryers use UV rays but UV ray dryers are known to cause cancer and are used at your own risk.


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