Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Makeup Inspiration: Kim Khadasrian

Hey beauties!

I know she may not be liked much for whatever reasons but who can't admit that her makeup is always badass? lol! Not to mention the fact that she may not have perfect flawless skin that's good makeup application that gives the illusion of flawless skin, her MUAs knows what they are doing!

Kim inspires me in the makeup area, more and more, especially since I saw her shopping at MAC Cosmetics more than once on YouTube and not to mention her makeup storage (as seen on her reality show) which stores tons and tons of MAC how cool is it that Kim (or any other celeb) uses the same brand of makeup that I use and love? I recently watched a Makeup Tutorial by Kim and her MUA on YouTube and she does in fact use MAC alongside other brands.

Here are some of her makeup looks that I adore:


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