Friday, December 31, 2010

Eye Candy Special's 2010 Review

Hello to you all!

This is it...the last Post for 2010! As we count down the hours to a new year, I would first like to wish you all Peace, Good Health, Strength, Joy and Happiness and I pray that you all are surrounded by positive people in 2011 and beyond. I thank you all for supporting me all the way, I would have never dreamed of having this much love and support especially all of you who became a Fan on Facebook and to you all who take time out of your busy life to watch my YouTube videos :] I love you all MUAH!!!!!!

Now, let's get straight to the Eye Candy Special's achievements which you all contributed to:

  • After entering the Sacha Cosmetics MUA Competition in May 2010 and receiving so many positive feedback, I start the Facebook Fan Page, Eye Candy Special.
  • As I type this Blog Post, Eye Candy Special currently has 432 Fans on Facebook!
  • Shortly after starting the Facebk Fan Page I decided to create a Blog for Eye Candy Special.
  • 19 Followers on this Blog!!!
  • I was running Eye Candy Special on Facebook and on Blogger....doing Makeup Looks, having discussions, keeping y'all up to date the best I can on the latest products, etc...then I decided its time to start a YouTube Channel!
  • I was shy and very hesitant  at first about doing YouTube vids because I was worried about people being all up in my personal business on the Internet...but y'all were my Motivators and now Eye Candy Special has a Channel on YouTube!
  • 37 Subscribers currently on YouTube!
  • The goal was not to get the most Subscribers but to be effective to my viewers and subscribers and bring the vids that would excite them, even if I only had 10 37 is alot!
  • Recently Trinidad and Tobago's Miss Universe, La Toya Woods visited this Blog and read the Post about her, she also became a Fan and a Follower of Eye Candy Special's networks...this meant alot to me, because I am inspired by her...Thank You La Toya, it goes to show how down to earth you are.
These are just a few of the major accomplishments for Eye Candy Special...Thank you all for giving me the support and encouragement so that I could of have the confidence to do it. My time became very limited since I started working fulltime and studying as well, so I haven't have as much time as I wanted to do Looks and Vids for Eye Candy Special but I promise from the beginning of 2011 I ask God, I will organize my time better so that I can spend time blogging and doing vids because this is all my hobby.

God Bless each and every one of you...see you in the New Year!!!!

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