Thursday, February 14, 2013

Archie For Valentine's Day


I'm sharing my recent haul from MAC Cosmetics. I got a few items, one beauty powder from the MAC Archie's Girls Limited Edition Collection, a lipstick from the Year of the Snake Limited Edition Collection, and a beautiful lipstick from their permanent collection.

My original order from the Archie collection included two lipsticks, a blush and a pigment. Unfortunately after I submitted my order their was a problem and I had to call to confirm which cost US$2.00 per min for that call. By the time I decided to reorder the items they were sold out. However after seeing additional swatches on the Internet, I fell in love with the beauty powder and I decided to get that since I never tried their beauty powders before and the packaging appealed to me.

I got a lipstick from the Year of the Snake collection because, dah, their was a beautiful and unique snakeskin designed into the lipstick. Plus, after doing my research on the web I found out that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian both wear this lipstick, so I brought it.

And finally, I got the Girl Around Town lipstick because I was at the MAC store last month and I fell in love with it but I didn't buy it right away and I hadn't had time to go to the mall to get it.

I wore the Girl Around Town lipstick today for Vday, it was perfect for this holiday!

Hopefully, I'll find the time this weekend to do a YT video to share my overall thought on the products.

Pics follow:

I'm wearing Girl Around Town Lipstick (pictured last below) and Veronica's Blush beauty powder (pictured below)

MAC Beauty Powder from the Archie's Girls Collection:

MAC Freekletone Lipstick from the Year of the Snake Collection:
MAC Girl  Around Town Lipstick: