Friday, December 31, 2010

Eye Candy Special's 2010 Review

Hello to you all!

This is it...the last Post for 2010! As we count down the hours to a new year, I would first like to wish you all Peace, Good Health, Strength, Joy and Happiness and I pray that you all are surrounded by positive people in 2011 and beyond. I thank you all for supporting me all the way, I would have never dreamed of having this much love and support especially all of you who became a Fan on Facebook and to you all who take time out of your busy life to watch my YouTube videos :] I love you all MUAH!!!!!!

Now, let's get straight to the Eye Candy Special's achievements which you all contributed to:

  • After entering the Sacha Cosmetics MUA Competition in May 2010 and receiving so many positive feedback, I start the Facebook Fan Page, Eye Candy Special.
  • As I type this Blog Post, Eye Candy Special currently has 432 Fans on Facebook!
  • Shortly after starting the Facebk Fan Page I decided to create a Blog for Eye Candy Special.
  • 19 Followers on this Blog!!!
  • I was running Eye Candy Special on Facebook and on Blogger....doing Makeup Looks, having discussions, keeping y'all up to date the best I can on the latest products, etc...then I decided its time to start a YouTube Channel!
  • I was shy and very hesitant  at first about doing YouTube vids because I was worried about people being all up in my personal business on the Internet...but y'all were my Motivators and now Eye Candy Special has a Channel on YouTube!
  • 37 Subscribers currently on YouTube!
  • The goal was not to get the most Subscribers but to be effective to my viewers and subscribers and bring the vids that would excite them, even if I only had 10 37 is alot!
  • Recently Trinidad and Tobago's Miss Universe, La Toya Woods visited this Blog and read the Post about her, she also became a Fan and a Follower of Eye Candy Special's networks...this meant alot to me, because I am inspired by her...Thank You La Toya, it goes to show how down to earth you are.
These are just a few of the major accomplishments for Eye Candy Special...Thank you all for giving me the support and encouragement so that I could of have the confidence to do it. My time became very limited since I started working fulltime and studying as well, so I haven't have as much time as I wanted to do Looks and Vids for Eye Candy Special but I promise from the beginning of 2011 I ask God, I will organize my time better so that I can spend time blogging and doing vids because this is all my hobby.

God Bless each and every one of you...see you in the New Year!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas Presents

Hey y'all a quick posts sharing with you all the good stuff I received this year...I usually just get money buts its also nice to open up presents, I hope you all got what you want this year and even if you didn't still be thankful that you lived to see another Christmas because many are not so fortunate :] Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Christmas I Gifted to Me...

Hi Divas and Divos, lol!

I just want to share with you the stuff that I purchased so far for myself this Christmas, yes that's right what i purchased for myself, lol, this chica don't wait for man nor child to give her might have seen these things on my wishlist here or here

Orly Polishes from the Christmas Collection and Cosmix FX Collection

MAC Lipsticks in Pink Noveau and Norange and MAC Blush in Peachtwist

Revlon Mineral Eyeshadows brought on sale $10.95

Cocktail Rings brought at Bang Bang and Wonderful World!

That's it for now guys but have no fear bcuz I have a whole lot more hauls for y'all...hopefully I can get a vid done before the year ends bcuz I have been very busy :]