Thursday, September 23, 2010

Local Essie Nail Polish Haul & Review

Hey y'all how is this rainy seaon in Trini treating you? I hate it and can't wait for raining season to be over, pronto! Anyways, I decided to finally try out the Essie brand of nail polish after seeing it everywhere on the internet, especially Youtube.

I did some lil research and stumbled upon a local beauty distributor called Mecalfab. Mecalfab is also the company that runs MAC Cosmetics along with a prestige Beauty School called Pivot-Point.

After researching the company on their website here. I sent them an e-mail asking whether or not I can visit there offices to purchase Essie and they sent me a very quick and polite reply saying yes I can and stating the price.

So, yesterday I went there, and the security directed me to the third floor where there Salon Supplies store called, Salon Essentials, is located. I walked in and the Sales girl was very polite and welcoming, I told her what I was there for and she directed me to a corner where they had all of Essie's latest collections.

Besides the Essie Nail polishes available they also had Essie lotions, etc and hair products like Redken and Matrix (which I must try) and a brand called Pevonia (which I'm not familiar with).

I must say that my experience there was wonderful and I would be going back there in future.

Essie nail Polishes: Lilacism on the left and Pepperoni on the right
 (Arista Nail Polish Remover in background [purchased at Pennywise $8.99])

Pros: No streaking, no air bubbles, no smudging, colour drys even and glossy and drys and sets very fast
Cons: Brush isn't as wide as other brands, so you'll have to apply more strokes than usual, Lilacism needs at least three coats

Will I buy Essie in the future? Oh yes, and I would recommend it to anyone :)

Where to buy: Mecalfab Ltd, corner of Queen and Richmond Streets, Port of Spain (that's past the Library and Subway, about three corners from Fredrick Street), 3rd Floor at Salon Essentials.

Price: $35 per bottle before tax (I brought two bottles and paid $10.50 tax total)

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  1. this is great information....I would like to visit there...pervonia is a brand name of stuff used for facial/skin's great the person who does my facials massages etc...swears by this brand:....keep up the good work of blogging and informing us trini's of where we can shop:)