Friday, September 17, 2010

Eye Candy Needs Hard Candy

 Hey lovely people, so I was on Facebook about a few weeks ago and I saw this Skybox Company advertising specials from Walmart which their customers can purchase online. So I went on to the Walmart site and of course I went directly to the Health and Beauty section to check out nothing else but makeup and I stumbled upon this beautiful makeup brand called Hard Candy. It's only available for purchase at Walmart, unless you trust buying it on Ebay. Their eyeshadows and other powder products are baked (which is my fav kind of makeup and eyeshadows, thanks to MAC) and they look so pretty.

These tend to sell out as soon as they hit Walmart stores, so good luck trying to get your hands on one. If anyone has tried this brand out before, especially their eyeshadows please let me.

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  1. E-zone girl, they usually advertise specials from different online companies in the US. This one is available at Walmart. If you have an account with them I guess you could purchase it and they'll ship it to you.