Sunday, August 8, 2010

Products I Dislike: Pennywise Brushes

Hey sexy people, I'm doing this post about products I absolutely hate and you can look out for a post like this very often.

Well you know the Chinee an dem in Trinidad have a saying, "Good thing nah cheap and cheap thing nah good", well at least that's what my grandmother says, lol! Anyways, I brought a small Brush Set for $18.99 at Pennywise about six months ago and if you look closely at the picture below you'll see why the above quote is true.


I can't even remember the name of the brushes it's probably one of those no name brushes. The set included a face brush, lip brush, fluff brush and concealer brush (not pictured). The hairs are very stiff as you can see from the pic, and because of this they scratch my skin and they don't blend at all. Also, the handles are rusting and turning black. The worse part is that because I have been out of a job for about six months I had no choice but to use these brushes, apart from my e.l.f brushes.

I brought another brush at Pennywise about three months ago (the black handle one, second from right) and the hairs were so stiff that I couldn't even use it, good thing it cost $10.

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