Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Post

Hey y'all, I'm just in the mood to blog right now so I'm posting some random pics not entirely makeup related but still girly. Hope you enjoy scrolling through the pics and feel free to leave me some suggestions on whatever you want me to blog about...btw, I'm on Instagram, just search Eye Candy Special....bye for now dolls!

1. Basketball Wives inspired earrings 2. MAC msf in Earthshine (my baby of the moment)
3. My manicure....I haven't had my nails done professionally in ages 4. face is a bit greasy though, this was after an outing with my family to Chaguanas!


  1. Love your manicure and that msf is soo pretty. You look . Is that pic from the day i saw u? STill mad i didnt know it was u and stopped to say hi :(

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