Monday, July 4, 2011

La Colors and La Girl Swatches Part 1

These are the swatches I promised you'll in my recent video. This post only consists of the swatches of the eye products, I still have to do the lip products so that's going to be Part 2, so stay tuned.

I'm quite happy with the products in these swatches, they were all a good buy!

L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Palette $12:

Very bright and pigmented, they remind me of my 88 Coastal Scents Palette. These eyeshadows apply much better when an eyeshadow primer is used first otherwise you won't get much, if any, color at all on the lid. They apply good wet as well. I recommend a dense eyeshadow brush to apply them because it will pick up more product.

Swatches Applied without a primer:

If you try to apply the colors on your lid without a base it doesn't go on a all!

Applied with a (LA Girl) primer:
The colors are very vibrant when applied over a base, this palette is perfect for anyone on a tight budget :]

Swatches of the LA Girl Primer $25:

This primer is very creamy and works very good with bright colourful eyeshadows...wearability is very good as well...I will say its a okay buy for the price.

Stay tuned for Part 2...the lip products from this range! (My internet connection is very slow these days so kindly be patience with me :])

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