Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wonderful World Jewelry Haul

Happy Sunday y'all!

I spent my Saturday at West Mall, as usual....I really went there to window-shop for Christmas gifts for my family since I'm clueless as to what to get them, but of course I couldn't leave the mall without checking out Wonderful World!

For the non-locals, Wonderful World (WW) is a local accessory store that carries makeup, nail polish, jewelry, handbags, purses, underwear, hair accessories, and other small accessories and gift items...for most Trinis its that one store on the island where makeup addicts and other locals can find the stuff that are most raved about in the US and around the Internet (YouTube).

Anyways, it has become clear that they are doing their research and they are now providing the makeup brands and accessories that people want to buy and that are highly praised and demanded in the makeup world and by makeup addicts everywhere. This can be seen by the introduction of brands such as Orly, NYX, China Glaze, and jewelry brands such as Da Vinci. It shows that they are no longer about getting their customer's money but more about quality.

I wasn't always a big fan of their jewelry but after my trip there yesterday I now declare that WW is now my favorite place to shop for jewelry. I got some really cool chic jewelry there yesterday which were mostly around $20...I usually pay $60 and up at other places for the same brand:

These cuffs were $18 each so I had to buy for each hand, lol!

I love my new earrings :]

Have you ever seen earrings look like these?....They look so unique, 
 I love Da Vinci jewelry I usually buy it at Bang Bang


  1. The bracelet is lovely! I studied in Trini a few years ago and while they always had a few MU items...they never stocked the brands you listed before....I'm glad they do! I'm due for a trip to 'south' soon and I plan to go on a spree!!! lol Great haul!

  2. i love the bracelet rish!


  3. Thabk you all :]